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Premium Shield Elite

A top of the line paint protection film. This film utilizes an advanced top coat system designed to not only protect the vehicle against rock chips and road debris, but to also protect against staining created by acids, abrasives and solvents – maintaining the surface of the product for longer with less regular maintenance. Elite is the industry leader when it comes to stain resistance!

PremiumShield Elite is a 6.4mil (0.16mm) dual extruded urethane film with an additional 0.25mil (0.006mm) clear coated surface, with a 1.8 mil (0.05mm) clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system (PSA). The film is specifically designed for the surface protection of painted, gel coated or other vulnerable surfaces improving functionality and allowing the conservation of visual appearance. The clear coat adds more durability and resistance to staining, dirt inclusions etc. maintaining the outer surface for longer periods.

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